Subscription Information

We're happy to now be offering auto-renewing coffee subscriptions to you or your loved ones!

The options are simple and directions are as follows:

-First, choose how often you'd like your coffee to arrive. We have four options for you (once a week, once every two week, once every three weeks, or once a month).

-Then choose whether you'd like ground or whole bean, and how many 12oz. bags to be delivered per shipment. You can add additional coffees to your subscription by going to their individual product pages.

-Create an account, input your address and credit card info, you will have to save your credit card to be use for future purchases, and agree to the subscription terms and agreements on the check out page. We will handle the rest, making sure you get the freshest coffee delivered when you need it.  Also, don't be surprised to find extra goodies every once in a while in your subscription :)

This is an auto-renewing subscription, but you can cancel at any time. Use the supscription cancellation link at the bottom of the home page.