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Mountain Roaster

Our Story:


Hard to imagine that the business was conceived in 2009 while in Costa Rica.  Getting our first taste of Fresh Roasted Coffee, we realized that the coffee that we had been used to was only adequate.  It became a family project to bring this excitement to peoples’ coffee experience.


First, beans must be sourced and selected from choice growers from around the world.  Mountain Roaster Coffee works hard at developing relationships with growers in an effort to bring the best quality beans to West Virginia.  Many of the origins that are available, were chosen because of our direct contact with the people within the regions of the specific countries where the beans are grown.  The Mission statement of our importer: “To bring to the global market the highest quality green coffees in the world by sourcing, developing, and innovating at origin, while empowering farmers with price, traceability, and long-term partnerships.”  We feel that the coffee industry as a whole has a much broader mission than just a great cup of coffee and have chosen to work with importers that share our views on responsible sourcing of the green beans as part of their business.  Along with selecting the highest rated beans, fair trade and organic are chosen whenever available.  To the outside world coffee is coffee, but we are very demanding when it comes to the varieties that we chose to roast.   With cupping scores above 80 we feel that the end product will be one that satisfies the most discerning palate. (http://www.scaa.org/?page=resources&d=cupping-protocols)


 At the local level Mountain Roaster is involved with the A Desire to Serve Cole Family Foundation, and Friends of Fort Liberte’.  We feel privileged to be a part of the mission work that they are involved with in Guatemala, Nicaragua and Haiti.  Our involvement with these organization is made possible by the revenue gained from your continued support.


The subtle, natural flavors of the beans are enhanced and spotlighted by the next step, roasting.  Roasting involves a close attention to detail. We have chosen two American made small batch roasters, one may have been headed for the scape yard.  The reconditioning was done in house and now both roasters have been upgraded with state of the art controls over the roasting time and temperatures.  We have better quality control and repeatability of the roast profiles.  At times a single degree of temperature, or a mere second of roasting time, is all that stands between an amazing cup of coffee with notes of chocolate, sweet smokiness, or ashy char.  This is the role of the master roaster, Gene and Sarah have been certified as Master Roasters, but the perfect cup comes from more than just formal training.  Knowing that each crop produced and shipped in from choice growers from around the world will have subtle differences because of soil chemistry, climate and growing season.  Each crop is roasted and put through the testing process known as cupping, this assures that each bean is roasted to perfection.  After the bean has been roasted and past the taste test, all that is left is for it to be packaged, labeled and brought to market.  The whole process spans the generations, utilizing the talents of the entire family. 


  • Responsibly sources beans
  • Fair Trade and organic when available
  • Certified Master Roasters
  • More than just a cup of Coffee – empowering farmers for a better way of life.
  • Artisan roaster, with attention to detail on each roast.
  • All roasting and processing done in house. (from the Heart of West Virginia)