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Cupping notes:
Nougat, caramel, tobacco, pleasant acidity

 About the Bean

This is a Grade 1 Organic certified triple picked, top prep coffee from CV Ateutamont in Sumatra. CV. Ateutamont was founded in 2002 and works closely with local coffee growers and cooperatives in the Gayo Highlands of Sumatra's Aceh region. Ateutamont, meaning "Stone Mountain', has 1500 members, each with an average farm size of 1 hectare. Growing altitude at Ateutamont is 1300 - 1600 masl and varieties growin include Ateng Abyssinia, and TimTim.
  • Origin:Sumatra
  • Region:Aceh
  • Subregion:Takengon < Gayo Highlands
  • Processing:Wet Hulled
  • Coffee Grade:Grade 1
  • Growing Altitude:1300-1500m
  • Variety:Abyssinia, Ateng, Tim Tim
  • Certifications:Organic